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JCB Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of JCB

JCB Full Form is Joseph Cyril Bamford. You will be surprised to know that JCB is not the name of a machine, but it is the name of a company which produces machines for Construction, Agriculture, Waste Handling and Demolition. This company produces 300 types of machines like Diggers, Excavators, Tractors and Diesel Engines etc. It has 22 factories all over the world, which are located in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America etc.

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JCB History

1In 1945 Joseph Cyril Bamford established a company named J. C. Bamford Excavators Limited, which was recognised as JCB as a short form.
2The company is still operated by the Bamford Family. The Headquarters of this company are located in Rocester and Staffordshire.
3In the UK and India, JCB is often used in general terms for mechanical excavators and excavators.

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