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CRM Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of CRM

CRM Full Form is Customer Relationship Management. It is a system with the help of which a company tries to sell more of its product by creating a strong relationship with its customer.

In the CRM system, the company generates a data according to the preferences, likes and needs of their customers. Now after analyzing this data, it presents the product of his choice to his customer. With this system, the customer gets the goods of his choice and the company’s sales also increase.

CRM Introduction

  1. The CRM system in the marketing field started in 1970.
  2. Although there was no Internet and Digital Media at that time, due to this, the likes and dislikes of people were known by taking manual survey.
  3. The employees of the company used to go to the house of the people and ask them to review their product and try to know their choice.
  4. Accordingly, a database was prepared and according to this database, the company used to manufacture the product and try to sell it.

Companies Follows CRM

  1. Capsule
  2. High – rise
  3. Insightly
  4. InStream
  5. Nimble
  6. Nutshell

CRM Advantages

  • Through this system, products are made available to them according to the customer’s preference, which increases the company’s Sell.
  • With the help of CRM, the company gets an opportunity to know its customer.
  • With the help of rapid growth – CRM system, the company does not take much time to grow its business.

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