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CRISIL Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of CRISIL

CRISIL Full Form is Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited. CRISIL is a leading, agile and innovative global analytics company and its mission is to make the markets function better. It provides Ratings, Research and Risk and Policy Advisory Services. CRISIL headquarter is in Mumbai city of India.

Our analyses, insights and solutions help lenders, borrowers, issuers, investors, regulators and intermediaries make sound decisions. We help clients manage and mitigate risks, take pricing and valuation decisions, reduce time to market, generate more revenue and enhance returns.

CRISIL History

In 1987CRISIL is incorporated
In 1988CRISIL commences operations
In 1991CRISIL establishes its business
In 1992CRISIL helps Rating Agency Malaysia Berhad
In 1993CRISIL goes public
In 1994R Ravimohan is appointed as CRISIL’s Managing Director
In 1994CRISIL diversifies its portfolio
In 1995CRISIL500 Equity Index is launched
In 1996Business alliance with S&P
In 1997S&P acquires 9.68 % stake in CRISIL
In 1998CRISIL sets up IISL
In 1999RAM becomes banking industry standard
In 2000CRISIL acquires INFAC
In 2001Global Data Services set up
In 2002CCER is set up
In 2003CRISIL acquires EconoMatters
In 2004CRISIL invests in CariCRIS
In 2005CRISIL acquired Irevna
In 2006CRISIL launches IPO gradings
In 2007CRISIL wins PFRDA mandate
In 2008CRISIL’s revenue crosses Rs. 5 bn
In 2009Irevna tops yet again
In 2010CRISIL assigns 15,000 SME ratings

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