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Cockroach – Life History and Facts

Cockroaches are creatures that make us disgusted because they cause dirt and spoil our food etc. You must have also heard that cockroaches remain alive for a few days after cutting their head but do not know why. Today we will answer this question and tell you some interesting facts related to this small creature which you may not have known before.

1st Question – Why can cockroaches stay alive even after a few days of head-chopping?

Answer – The reason for this is that cockroaches breathe through small holes in their body and they are not dependent on breathing through their head. When their head is cut, they die a few days later due to hunger and thirst.

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Facts about Cockroach

1. Cockroaches are fried and eaten in some countries, including China and Thailand.

2. All cockroaches have their own neighbor cockroaches. If a cockroach is left alone for a long time, then it becomes sick.

3. Recently, some species of cockroaches have been discovered that can live in freezing temperatures.

4. A group of cockroaches is called intrusion.

5. If cockroaches are released into space, they will become more powerful and faster than cockroaches that live on Earth.

6. A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes. For this reason, they can remain under water for more than about 30 minutes.

7. The average life span of a cockroach is about 1 year. Cockroaches take about 4 months to become young.

8. Cockroaches are believed to have evolved from 12 to 30 crore years ago, that is, even before dinosaurs.

9. A group of cockroaches have the ability to make decisions together. Suppose if 50 cockroaches have 3 places to live, then they will remain equal in two places i.e. 25-25 and leave one empty.

10. A normal cockroach can run at a speed of 5 meters per second on its two legs.

11. Cockroaches have higher radiation resistance than backbone organisms. Spinal organisms also include humans. While humans can withstand only 800 rems of radiation, cockroaches can withstand radiation of up to 10,500 rems. (rems is a unit of volume of radiation.)

12. Not all cockroaches have the same personalities, but research has found that, like humans, they also have different personalities.

13. Around 4600 species of cockroaches are found in the world, out of which only 30 live in the habitats of humans.

14. If some people are afraid of cockroaches ranging in length from just 1 to 2 inches, then it is good for them to never go to South America, because there are 4 inches long cockroaches.

15. Cockroaches are cold-blooded beings, due to which they can remain without eating for about 1 month. But there is also a fact that cockroaches cannot be thirsty for more than 2 weeks.

16. Lizards and spiders are the biggest enemies of Cockroaches. If cockroaches and spiders are face to face, then both fall on each other.

17. Male cockroaches are smaller than female cockroaches.

18. Do you know that cockroaches also fart. Not only this, but it is also among the most farting organisms. Study has shown that cockroaches do fart once every 15 minutes.

2nd Question – How to get rid of Cockroaches?

Answer – After reading these interesting facts about Cockroach, we come to know that it is not a minor creature but possesses many characteristics. If you are troubled by the dirt being spread by cockroaches in your home, then the only solution is to keep cleanliness in the house and store your food well. Thank you.

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