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Bhakra Nangal Dam – Pictures, Height and Map

The Bhakra Nangal Dam is the largest multipurpose river valley project in India, with the main objective of irrigation and power generation. While this dam produces 1325 MW of power, the fields spread over 40 thousand square kilometers of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan are also irrigated.

Today we will tell you the facts related to Bhakra Nangal Dam and also how much destruction can be caused if this dam breaks.

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Construction – The construction of Bhakra Nangal Dam started in 1948 and was completed in 1963. In the year 1970, it started functioning completely. The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, inaugurated the dam on 22 October 1963 and described it as the new temple of the country.

Situation – Bhakra and Nangal dam are actually two separate dams but are part of the same project. Both these dams are built on the border of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Bhakra Dam is built on the Sutlej River in Bhakra village in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh and Nangal Dam is about 10 km from it in Nangal, Punjab.

Cause of Nangal Dam – Bhakra Dam is made at high altitude from Nangal Dam and all its water goes through Nangal Dam. Nangal dam reduces fast flow coming from Bhakra dam. If there is any damage to the Bhakra Dam due to any reason, then the Nangal Dam can stop the storage of water and prevent damage.

Bhakra Nangal Dam

Elevation etc. – Bhakra Dam is 226 meters high and has a wall length of 520 meters and wall thickness of 9.1 meters (30 feet). It is the second highest dam in India after Tehri Dam (260 m).

Cost – The construction of the dam cost Rs 245 crore 28 lakh at that time, there was so much concrete around it that all the roads in the world can be rebuilt.

Govindsagar Lake – The lake where the Bhakra Dam holds water is called Govindasagar Lake, it is named after the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Govind Singh Ji. The lake is spread over an area of ​​168.35 km² with 9.340 cubic kilometers of water. People of 341 villages were displaced to build this lake.

Stake – Bhakra Dam is a joint project of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. Rajasthan has 15.2 percent stake in it. The Bhakra Dam water is supplied to Rajasthan by the Indra Gandhi Canal.

Tourism – Bhakra Dam is a very beautiful place, which attracts many tourists, but in 2009, due to security reasons, this dam was banned from common people.

What will happen if Bhakra Nangal Dam breaks due to some reason?

By the way, both the dams have been made so strong that they can never be broken. If one dam breaks due to any reason, then the other can also be saved from damage, but the destruction of both the dam can cause terrible destruction. Breaking of both dams can fill water in many Nicholas areas of Haryana-Punjab.

If the flow of water is fast, it will also drain half of Punjab, Haryana and large parts of Pakistan and millions of people will be killed. Apart from this, the shortage of electricity will be different. Farming will not be done on the affected land for years. As soon as we think of such destruction, we feel scared, so pray to God that there should never be any damage to these dams.

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