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Buddhas of Bamiyan Destruction History & Facts

Bamiyan is a historic place 130 kilometers from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Bamiyan is famous because there used to be two huge statues of Lord Buddha. Among these, the height of the larger statue was about 58 meters and the height of the smaller was 37 meters.

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The sad thing is that due to the corrupt mentality of Islamic terrorists, we have to talk about these statues using the past. In March 2001, these statues were blown up with ammo by the Islamic militant organization Taliban. Today we will tell you about 7 things from the history of Buddha statues in Bamiyan till date.

When were statues of Buddha in Bamiyan

  • These sculptures are believed to have been built by the Kushans between the 5th and 6th centuries. They were built by cutting a hill in the Bamiyan Valley.
  • There is no definite information about the time period of the making of these statues of Buddha.
  • According to one opinion, the small statue of Buddha was built in 507 AD and the other in 554 AD. So there is information that the small statue was made between 544 to 595 AD and the big one between 591 and 644 AD.
  • Both these sandstone statues were the largest statues in the standing pose of the Buddha. In the larger statue, Buddha was seen as Varicana Mudra and in the smaller statue Buddha stood in Sakyamuni posture.

First said that we will not drop, then said that it is against Islam

  • In 1999, the Taliban government in Afghanistan was headed by Mullah Muhammad Omar.
  • At first Mullah Muhammad Omar had said that the Taliban will protect these idols because Afghanistan earn money as it is a tourist place but later Muslim religious leaders in Afghanistan declared these idols against Islam.
  • After this, the Taliban government led by Mullah Muhammad Omar issued an order to destroy these idols.
  • At that time the Government of India proposed to the Taliban that the Government of India could bring these statues to India at their expense, where they would be kept safe for the whole of humanity. But the Taliban turned down the offer.
  • Mullah Muhammad Omar said in an interview – “Muslims should be proud of the destruction of these idols; by destroying them we have prayed to Allah.”

The Buddha of Bamiyan was dropped

  • On 2 March 2001, the Taliban began to destroy these idols. At first these idols were constantly attacked with rocket launchers, but the idols were so strong that they were not destroyed.
  • After this, gunpowder was placed in the holes made in the idols. It took three days to put gunpowder in the idols. After this, the slogan ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ was chanted from a nearby mosque and exploded in gunpowder.
  • The small statue of Buddha was destroyed to a great extent by the explosion, but only the legs of the big Buddha could be blown.
  • After this, explosions were blasted every day with the remaining parts of the idol so that they could be completely destroyed.
  • It took 25 days to destroy both Buddha statues. After destroying both idols, the Taliban started celebrating and sacrificed 9 cows.

Statues have been attacked even before

  • Even before the Taliban, many staunch Muslim kings in history have tried to destroy the statues of Buddha in Bamiyan.
  • Genghis Khan tried to destroy these idols in 1221 AD but failed, but Aurangzeb could not destroy them completely by having heavy artillery to attack these idols.
  • After this, in the 18th century, Nadir Shah and Ahmed Shah Abdali also damaged these idols significantly.
  • All these so-called emperors could only damage the lower parts of the idols, nobody could completely destroy them.

In Islam, the word ‘fetish’ is a corruption of ‘Buddha’

  • Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar writes in his much talked book ‘Four Chapters of Culture’ that Islam is opposed to paganism (idolatry).
  • Long before the birth of Islam, Buddhism had reached Arabia and Buddha idol was being worshiped everywhere.
  • But all this is forbidden in Islam. So when Muslims invaded India, Buddhist monasteries, Buddhist education centers and Hindu temples were the first to target them.

The statue is being rebuilt by adding broken pieces

Professor Erwin Emerling of Munich University, Germany, is rebuilding the statue. They have identified 500 pieces of both sculptures. They are trying to make it from these pieces without planting a new stone. UNESCO is helping them.

The huge statue was rebuilt in 3D for just one day

' buddhas of bamiyan ' ' buddhas of bamiyan 3d '

In the same place where both the idols were destroyed, once again with the help of 3D technology, such huge statues of Mahatma Buddha were made. Full credit goes to Chinese couple Zhiyang Shinyu and Liang Hog. The couple was saddened by the Taliban demolishing centuries-old statues and then took up the project.

Giant holographic statues were produced with the help of projectors. This work was carried out on 7 June 2015. Permission to do this was given only on this day. It was never done later. 74 lakh was spent on this project.

The conclusion – In this way, you saw how the Taliban terrorists trampled these great pieces of art. People who destroy something cannot understand the power of creation. But we will not give up. If we break it then we will create thousands.

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