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Statue of Liberty National Monument – History and Facts

' Statue of Liberty ' ' Statue of Liberty National Monument '

History & Facts

1. Statue of Liberty is a large statue on a small island near New York Harbor with a torch in one hand and a book in the other. In 1886, this statue was presented to France by America as its friendship symbol.

2. It took more than 9 years for the Statue of Liberty to be created. Parts of it were made in France, including its head.

3. The height of the Statue of Liberty is equivalent to a 22-story building. The height from the base to the crest of the statue’s torch is 306 feet or 93 meters.

4. The length from the feet of the statue to its torched hands is 151 feet 1 inch or 46 meters. Accordingly, it is the 47th highest statue in the world.

5. The total weight of the statue is 225 tons and 2 lakh 25 thousand kg.

6. The seven pointed spikes emerging from the crown of the statue represent the seven continents of the world. The length of a nail is 9 feet and weighs 68 kg. There are also 25 windows on the Taj which depict the gems of the earth.

7. To get to the crown of the statue one has to climb 354 curved steps.

8. The Torch of the Statue of Liberty was first built in 1876. But the torch was damaged in 1916 by a bomb attack by German soldiers during the First World War. It cost 1 lakh dollars to fix it again. The staircase of the torch was then closed. The old mishal of the Statue of Liberty was replaced in 1984 with a torchlight torch mounted on a 24 kg gold hoop.

9. In the left hand of the statue is a book on which the date of American Independence Day (4 July 1776) is written in Roman. It goes something like this- JULY IV MDCCLXXVI.

10. The full name of the Statue of Liberty is – “Liberty Enlightening the World” (Freedom instructs the world).

11. The island on which the idol is situated is called Liberty Island. Prior to 1956, this island was called Bedloe’s Island.

12. The exterior of the Statue of Liberty is made of copper.

Statue of Liberty History & Facts

13. The idol is built with inspiration from the Roman goddess Libertas (Libertas) as she is considered the goddess of freedom. The sculptor made it on his mother’s face.

14. Due to the height of the statue, about 300 times a year, the celestial electricity also collides with it. If this power is collected then it becomes 600 volts. The first photo was taken in 2010, with lightning falling on it.

15. In the years 1929 and 1932, two people committed suicide by jumping from this idol. There are others who survived after the jump.

16. Every year more than three million people visit the Statue of Liberty.

17. This statue will celebrate its 133rd birthday on 28 October 2019.

18. When the Statue of Liberty was erected, it was the tallest iron structure.

19. The statue of Liberty wears a shoe number 879.

20. In 1982, it was learned that the face of the Statue of Liberty has been set back by 2 feet from the center.

21. Due to the strong wind, the idol starts moving up to 3 inches and its torch by 5 inches.

22. In 1886, the cost to build STATUE OF LIBERTY, including Aadhaar, came to $ 5 million. This is equivalent to today’s $ 10 million, ie 70 million Indian rupees.

23. Photograph of this statue has been printed on a US $ 10 note.

24. Duplicate Statue of Liberty has also been made in Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brazil and China.

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