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Bears – Life History and Facts

Bear is an omnivorous animal divided into eight species, most of the species are on the verge of extinction. Let us tell you interesting facts related to bears today.

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(1) Bears are exceptionally intelligent animals. He has better navigation skills, better memory than humans, bigger brain to body ratio.

(2) Bear expresses deep condolences to others. Cubs have been known to cry when separated from their mothers.

(3) Bear has excellent senses of smell, sight and hearing. They can smell food, cubs, predators from miles away. His great vision finds out when the fruits are ripe.

(4) Some species of Asian bears build nests in trees. They can also be used for hiding, eating and sleeping.

(5) Bear takes deep care of family members. They would risk their lives and even fight to the death to save their family members.

(6) Small rings in the teeth of a bear can be calculated with the help of a microscope and its helps in calculating the age of bears. Most bears have 42 teeth.

(7) Bears have layers of skin. The smaller layer keeps him warm while the larger layer protects his skin from water.

(8) Bears are very intelligent creatures. If a hunter has given a bait to hunt them, then the bears understand it well and feed carefully.

(9) The forest bears live up to the age of thirty years while the captive bears (who have been imprisoned by humans) can live up to 47 years.

(10) Only polar bears are completely non-vegetarians whereas the rest of the bears are omnivores i.e. animals and plants.

(11) The paws of sunny bears are the largest. Apart from this, his tongue is also the longest which reaches 9 and a half inches.

(12) Bears can run at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour which is enough to catch a running horse. The fastest man who is alive now means that Usain Bolt can run at a speed of 43 kilometers per hour.

(13) An ordinary bear has a heart rate of 40 per minute while a sleeping bear in a winter sleep has a heart rate of 8 per minute.

(14) Some bears can walk on both their hind legs. Therefore, when seen from a distance, he looks as if some humans are walking strangely.

(15) Black bears are not completely black but they are like some rainbow, its skin is black to reddish brown and then white is slightly white.

(16) Bear is such a mammal that can be seen even in colors while most use waves instead of colors.

(17) The simplest bear in the world is the brown bear.

(18) The legs of bears are like command. This improves their grip and balance.

(19) A floating polar bear can jump 8 feet high into the water.

(20) A panda bear has an extra thumb which is actually the raised bone of their wrist. This helps them to uproot the bamboo that they eat. A panda bear can eat up to 21 kg of bamboo in a day.

(21) The head of the monster panda Bear is very large. Scientists believe that it is for their strong jaws and neck muscles that help them chew the bamboo. Bamboo is 99 percent of their diet.

(22) The favorite food of South American bears is termites. These bears do not have the next teeth, so they suck insects.

(23) Most of the bears known so far can eat everything. Even snowmobile seats, engine oil and rubber boots.

(24) About 98 percent of American grizzly bears live in Alaska.

(25) A polar bear can swim 160 kilometers without resting.

(26) Bears can also look well like humans. But their hearing is slightly less than us. But the smell of bears is 100 times greater than that of humans. Polar bears can smell from 32 kilometers away.

(27)  ‘Bear’ is an old English word which means – ‘shining brown’.

(28) The bearer is the symbol of the joint Rasiya Party which shows their power and pride. Apart from this, there are many fairy tales and myth stories.

(29) Polar bear is the largest species of bear. Once polar bear weighs upto 480 kg which is equivalent to eight adult humans. But the female polar bear is 50 percent smaller than the male.

(30) There are also some black bears that turn into white bears. This bear is very rare. Some Americans believe that they have some divine power.

(31) The evolution of bears grew from small to large. The earlier bears were merely the size of a dog. The oldest bear known as Dawn bear so far lived on the earth two million years ago and it was just the size of a small dog.

(32) Bears have never lived in Australasia and Antarctica. However, bears are also not found in Africa at the present time. But most skeletons of bears have been found from Africa. The scientist is still unaware why it is no longer living in Africa.

(33) South American bears are the only bears that are more active at night.

(34) Polar bears have about 9600 hairs in an inch square area of ​​the foreskin.

(35) The front paws of the feet of the bears are larger than the previous ones.

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