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ATM Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of ATM

ATM Full Form – Automated Teller Machine

ATM Full Form – Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Automated Teller Machine

The full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine. The ATM is a type of machine whose facility was first found in 1967 in London and was invented by John Shepherd-Barron. With the help of ATM, you can withdraw money without going to the bank. ATMs are also of two types, the first ATM gives you information only about withdrawing money and account balance; in the second ATM you can deposit money, make credit card payments and also get account information. ATM is used only by bank customers for money transactions. Users can access their accounts with a special type of plastic card.

Advantages Of ATM

1ATM facilities are available 24 hours a day so that it can be used at any time.
2Nowadays, whether you talk about the village or the city ATM, you will find it everywhere.
3ATM works very fast, you get the same amount of money you want at the same time.
4You can register a mobile number with your ATM so that you can get information about every transaction on your mobile number.
5You can also use ATM cards such as debit / credit cards for online shopping and recharge.
6Nowadays, all banks offer ATM facility to their customers.

History Of ATM

The real credit for the invention of the ATM goes to an American citizen named Luther George Simjian. In 1939, he had designed an ATM concept machine, which he named Bankmatic. Initially, no one accepted the ATM and this invention was not successful, but later some changes were made due to which many people do not know the name of this inventor and people do not know that the original idea of ​​ATM was from them.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Asynchronous Transmission Mode is a WAN Technology, Which has been adopted in the LAN network. ATM is used for data transmission in high-speed base band and broadband LAN and WAN networks.

Asynchronous transmission method is used for data transmission between devices in an ATM network. And Packet Switching technology is used in data transmission in ATM networks. Voice, Fax, Real time Audio & Video and Multi-megabit data can be transmitted through Asynchronous Transmission Mode network.

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