Trial Balance – Meaning, Objectives And Format

Trial balance is a statement, prepared with the debit and credit balances of Ledger accounts to test the arithmetical accuracy of the books. Trial Balance Format is also given below.

Features of Trial Balance

  1. It is a list of balances of all ledger accounts and the cash book.
  2. It is just a statement, and not an account.
  3. It is neither a part of double entry system, nor does it appear in the actual books of accounts. It is just a working paper.
  4. It can be prepared at any time during the accounting period, say, at the end of every month, every quarter, every half year or every year. Usually it is prepared at the end of accounting year before preparing the final accounts.
  5. It is always prepared on a particular date and not for a particular period.
  6. It is prepared to check the arithmetical accuracy of the ledger accounts.
  7. If the books are arithmetically accurate, the total of all debit balances of a trial balance will be equal to the total of all credit balances.
  8. A tallied Trial Balance is not a conclusive proof of the accuracy of the books of  accounts since certain type of errors remain even when the Trial Balance tallies.   

Need of Trial Balance 

  1. To ascertain the arithmetical accuracy of the ledger accounts.
  2. To help in locating errors.
  3. To obtain a summary of the ledger accounts. 
  4. To help in the preparation of Final Accounts.

Trial Balance Format

As per Balance method

Name Of AccountsL.F.Balance Dr.Balance Cr.
Cash A/c 55,000 
Bank A/c 3,80,000 
Capital A/c  2,00,000
Purchases A/c 4,90,000 
Sales A/c  8,54,000
Dinesh  58,000
Gopal 80,000 
Nitin 50,000 
Furniture A/c 25,000 
Rent A/c 4,000 
Drawing A/c 15,000 
Salaries A/c 14,500 
Purchase Return A/c  2,000
Total 11,14,00011,14,000

Trial Balance Format

As per Total Method

Name Of AccountsL.F.Total Of Debit Items Total Of Credit Items
Cash A/c 234,000168000
Bank A/c 850000470000
Capital A/c  200000
Purchases A/c 490000 
Sales A/c  854000
Dinesh 412000470,000
Gopal 530,000450000
Nitin 300,000250000
Furniture A/c 25,000 
Rent A/c 4,000 
Drawing A/c 15,000 
Salaries A/c 14,000 
Purchase Return A/c  2,000
Total 28645002864500

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