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GST PDF – GST Bill in Hindi PDF, As you all know, GST Bill is currently a subject of much discussion, and thousands of questions have been asked so far in this topic and in the job and interview, So today we have brought you the complete information related to it and the PDF Notes related to an important GST PDF, which you can download very simply by clicking on the GST PDF Download Button given below.

Its full name is Goods And Service Tax (GST). It is being implemented at the average of more than 20 indirect taxes imposed by the Center and the States. The GST is to be implemented in the whole country from 1st July. Taxes on many services and commodities will be terminated after GST takes over.

It’s not about GST just a few years ago, it was started 16 years ago by a great celebrity. Whose name is Atal Vihari ji, everyone is public. Who is a key BJP leader. At that time nothing had happened. This was followed by the acquittal of UPA Government Congress in 2007 and it was also proposed. Nothing has happened because of the bad habits and the inability, after a lot of change in the GST, GST was implemented on 1 July 2017. These were some things GST history, what happens is the GST. Now let’s know which of the other things GST.

GST PDF In Hindi Content

1 क्या है जी.एस.टी.
2 जी.एस.टी.एवं दो राज्यों के बीच व्यापार
3 IGST- इंटीग्रेटेड गुड्स एवं सेवा कर
4 कर की दर
5 जी.एस.टी – ररटनन
6 जी.एस.टी. – कम्पोजीशन स्कीम
7 कर हनधानरि – दोहरा हनयंत्रि
8 ई-वे हबल (रोड परहमट )
9 प्रारहम्िक क्रे हडट (अंहतमस्टॉक)
10 जी.एस.टी. -सामहयक सवाल
11 आई.जी.एस.टी. – उदाहरि
12 हवहिन्न ररटनन की अंहतम हतथी
13 लेखक के बारे में

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