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The Motor Transport Workers Act 1961

The Motor Transport Workers’ Act, 1961 which came into force in March, 1962 is intended to take care of the welfare of the motor transport workers and to regulate the conditions of their work. It applies to every motor transport undertaking employing five or more workers in all the States / Union Territories in the country. The State Governments are, however, empowered to apply all or any of the provisions of this Act to any motor transport undertaking employing less than five workers. In Delhi, the Motor Transport Undertakings are covered under the Shops and Commercial Establishments Act.

Provisions for Labour Welfare

  • Canteens of prescribed standards if employing 100 or more workers.
  • Clean, ventilated, well lighted and comfortable rest rooms at every place where motor transport workers are required to habitat at night.
  • Uniforms, rain coats to drivers, conductors and line checking staff for protection against rain and cold.
  • The prescribed amount of washing allowance to the above mentioned staff.
  • Prescribed medical facilities at the operative centres and at halting stations.
  • First aid facilities in every transport vehicle.

Administration of the Act

The Act, which makes it obligatory for every employer of a motor transport
undertaking, to which the Act is applicable, to have the undertaking registered under the Act, isadministered by the State Governments.

It also makes obligatory for the employers to provide every reasonable facility to the Inspectorate Staff for making any inspection, examination or inquiry, as it deemed fit, so a to ensure the scrupulous implementation of the provisions of the Act, or the Rules, made thereunder.

Besides, the Act also provides for appointment of qualified medical practitioners as “Certifying Surgeons” by the State Governments for the examination and certification of motor transport workers and to exercise medical supervision on the employment of adolescents.

Distribution of Motor Transport Undertakings

The details of the number of registered motor transport undertakings during the year 2008 are presented in Table-1. The Table shows that a total of 90,243 Motor Transport Undertakings were registered as on 31st December, 2008, of which 15,067 were registered during 2008. Of the total registered motor transport undertakings, Assam has the highest share of 30.22 per cent (27,268), followed by in Andhra Pradesh 14.63 per cent, Meghalaya 13.19 per cent, Bihar 9.93 per cent, Kerala 6.62 per cent, Rajasthan 5.90 per cent and in Uttar Pradesh 4.77 per cent.

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