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The Dock Workers Regulation of Employment Act 1948

The Dock Workers Regulation of Employment Act 1948 – The Dock Workers (Safety, Health and Welfare) Scheme 1961 has been framed for all major ports and is administered by the Chief Advisor, Factories (Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes). It is framed under the Dock Workers (Regulation of Employment) Act 1948. Amenities provided in the port premises include provision of :

Provisions for Amenities Provided in Port

  • urinals and latrines.
  • drinking water.
  • washing facilities.
  • bathing facilities.
  • canteens.
  • rest shelters.
  • call stands.
  • first aid arrangements

Other Welfare Measures Provided are

  • housing.
  • schools.
  • educational facilities.
  • grant of scholarships.
  • libraries.
  • sports and recreation.
  • fair price shops.
  • co-operative societies etc.

Cost of amenities, welfare and health measures and recreation facilities for registered workers shall be met from a fund called the Dock Worker’s welfare fund which shall be maintained by the board. Contributions to this fund shall be made by all registered employers at such rate as may be determined by the board. The board shall frame rules for contributions for the maintenance and operations of the fund. Different rates of welfare levy at different ports have been fixed.

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