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Red Fort – History & Amazing Facts

The Red Fort, also known as the Fort of Delhi, is located in the Old Delhi. It is taught in the books that it was built by Shah Jahan, while some people from the Hindu side say that the original name of the Red Fort is Lalkot which was built by the Hindu king Prithvi Raj Chauhan. We will discuss both the facts. Firstly, we will discuss that it was made by Shah Jahan and then we will discuss that it was built by Prithvi Raj Chauhan.

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Interesting Facts about the Shah Jahan’s Red Fort

1. Shah Jahan started the construction of the Red Fort in 1638 which was completed in 1648.

2. When the Red Fort was inaugurated in 1648, its main rooms were decorated with precious curtains. It was decorated with Turkish velvet and Chinese silk.

3. About one crore rupees were spent in making it. Accordingly, it was the most expensive fort at the time.

4. Half of the one crore rupees was spent in building its magnificent palaces.

Interesting Facts about the Prithvi Raj Chauhan’s Red Fort

1. Red Fort has two entrances. One is Lahore Gate and the other is Delhi Gate. Lahore Gate is for common tourists and Delhi Gate is for VIPs.

2. The Red Fort is also built on the banks of river Yamuna like Taj Mahal. The trench enclosing the Red Fort was filled with water from the Yamuna itself.

3. On 11 March 1783, the Sikhs made a ruckus at the Red Fort and liberated it from the Mughals. The head of this feat goes to Sardar Baghel Singh Dhaliwal.

4. Red sand stones were used to build the Red Fort, due to which it was named Red Fort.

5. Its walls extends a length of 2.4 Kms and a height varying from 18 meters to 33 meters.

6. In 1739, Nadarshah attacked Delhi and caused great damage to the gardens and walls of the Red Fort. Apart from this, he also massacred Hindus for three days in Delhi.

7. During the revolution of 1857, the revolutionaries captured the Red Fort. But the British defeated all these and took the Red Fort in their possession. After this it was made the headquarters of the British Army.

8. After destroying the residential places and gardens of this fort, the British made the parade grounds for the army there.

9. After the independence of the country, the Red Fort was handed over to the Indian Army. On 22 December 2003, the army handed it over to the Indian tourism authorities.

10. In 2000, Lashkar-e-Toiba militants attacked, in which one civilian and 2 soldiers were died. This attacked was done, in December 2000 to disrupt the ongoing India-Pakistan peace talks.

Claims of hindu side

1. According to Hindu side the Red Fort was built by Prithviraj Chauhan. But many also believe that it was built by Prithviraj Chauhan’s maternal grandfather Maharaj Anangpal Tomar in 1060 AD.

2. According to the claim, Shah Jahan had made changes in some of its pre-made parts and constructed some garderns.

3. The statue of elephants is inscribed on the main gate of the Red Fort. The Hindu Rajputs were famous for their love for the king Gajo (elephants).

4. Not a single Islamic inscription describes the Red Fort.

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