PDF Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of PDF

PDF Full Form is Portable Document Format. It means that can be sent or read easily. PDF is related to the term Computer (Computer) field. PDF is such a file Format that we cannot edit, it can only be read. Its file Extension is .Pdf. PDF file can be easily read and shared. It creates a digital image of our document and saves it. (Ex – word file, presentation, spreadsheet) can be converted into PDF.

If your computer does not have Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF, you can also open your file in any Web Browser (EX – Google Chrome, Mozilla Fire Fox, Opera Mini, UC Browser etc.). To open the PDF file through Browser, after right clicking on your PDF file, click on the browser with which to open the file in open with, your file will be open.

How To Create A PDF File?

If you want to create a PDF file, you will get many online and offline options for this. I am going to tell about both online and offline methods. You can use many websites to create or convert any document in PDF format. These websites are given below.

2Free PDF Convert

If you want to convert and create any document offline then You can save your file in PDF format with the assistance of Microsoft  Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

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