How to apply Stickers / Decals on Car ?

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Car Decals or Car Stickers can be any kind of images, graphics or printed letters, which can be applied on a car or any other type of vehicle.

Car Decals are made of a special type of plastic vinyl. There is a special type of glue on the vinyl, with the help of which the sticker is applied to the car.

Here we will tell you where you can buy Online Car Decals, and how you can apply them on your car.

Buy Car Decals / Car Stickers Online

You can buy Car Decals Online from websites such as Amazon, CarSticker.com, Flipkart, Tenstickers, 100kmph.com and Vleporama.com.

There are also some stickers on these websites, which you can apply on your byke, scotty or other four wheelers except for the car.

There are some stickers which can be applied on gadgets other than Laptops and Mobile.

How to apply Sticker on a car?

1. Select the location on the car?

It is important to place the decal on the car in the right place. First of all, you see that on which part of the car do you want to place the decal? Before opening the backing of the decal, see if it fits on that part of the car? Apart from this, also see if the message written on Sticker will be easily visible to the people.

2. Clean the car?

Wash and dry the part of the car on which you want to apply the decal first. This will make your decal stick directly to the surface of the car instead of dust on the car.

3. Attach the sticker carefully.

Slowly open his backing according to the size of your sticker, then carefully attach it to the car. Keep in mind that during this time bubbles should not form behind the sticker and wrikels should not fall.

If the bubble starts appearing in the sticker after applying it, then with the help of your ATM card, you can slowly disappear by applying it on the edge of the sticker.

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