PCM Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of PCM

PCM Full Form – Hi Friends, Today we are going to talk about Full form of PCM. So first of all I wanna tell you PCM has three different meaning. First meaning is associated with computer field, Second is related to Non medical subjects, Whereas third is concerned with Nutrition.

PCM Full FormPulse code modulation
PCM Full FormPhysics, Chemistry and Mathematics
PCM Full FormProtein Calorie Malnutrition

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – These are the three subjects, which are opted by students after secondary education for becoming an engineering. In my school life, I noticed that all the non-medical students used PCM as short form in place of saying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Protein Calorie Malnutrition

Protein Calorie Malnutrition – It means there is the lack of protein and calorie in body, mostly it affects children and elderly persons. PCM increases the risk of death from pneumonia, chickenpox, or measles. The functional and structural abnormalities associated with primary protein-energy malnutrition are often reversible with nutritional therapy. However, prolonged primary protein-energy malnutrition can cause irreversible changes in organ function and growth.

Pulse code modulation

Pulse code modulation – PCM is a digital scheme for transmitting analog data. In other words, A pulse modulation technique in which the amplitude of an analogue signal is converted to a binary value represented as a series of pulses. The signals in PCM are binary; that is, there are only two possible states, represented by logic 1 (high) and logic 0 (low).

Other Meaning Of PCM

1Product Change Management
2Power Control Module
3Project Cycle Management
4Prevention Case Management
5Parallel Cache Management
6Please Call Me
7Personal Call Manager
8Program Coordination Meeting
9Plug Compatible Manufacturers
10Personal Challenge Manager

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