LED Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of LED

LED Full Form is Light Emitting Diode. It is a semiconductor device in which light is generated by flowing electricity. When Electricity is passed through an LED, then its electrons are first charged and then due to being charged, they emit their charged energy into light.

The main Component that produces light from LED is Gallium Arsenide. This changes electric power into light. Their efficiency is more than 50%. This is how LED transforms Electric Energy into Light Energy.

Advantage Of LED

1The consumption of energy is very less.
2It lasts longer.
3It is very small in size.
4An electric bulb is known to give light for only about 1000 hours, while Led can give light for up to a million hours.

LED History

Initially the LED was found out by British Inventor H. J Round in his Marconi Labs. He incedently discovered that Electroluminesis. The first Red LED was inventing by Nick Holonyak and Jr. By inventing while working at Genrel Electronic  in 1962.

A former graduate student of Holonyak M. Invented the first yellow LED in George Craford in 1972. T. P. Pearsall created High-Brightness and High Efficiency led in 1976 for Optical Fiber Telecommunications.

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