IRDP Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of IRDP

IRDP Full Form is Integrated Rural Development Programme. It was launched in 1978-79 in order to deal with the dimensions of rural poverty in the country. The programme covered small and marginal farmers, agricultural workers and landless labourers and rural craftsmen and artisans and virtually all the families of about 5 persons with an annual income level below 3500.

The programme was to be implemented by District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) with the assistance from block level machinery. The scheme for Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) was launched in 1982 as a part of IRDP. Both in terms of the volume of aggregate investment planned and the number of families to be benefitted, the IRDP was the largest programme of the Sixth Five Year Plan for the alleviation of poverty in rural areas.

IRDP Objectives

  • The main aim of IRDP was to raise the levels of the BPL families in the rural areas above the poverty line on a lasting basis by giving them income generating assets and access to credit and other inputs.

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