List Of Famous Inventions And Inventors – Inventions And Their Inventors

Inventions And Inventors – Today I am going to share  a very important topic for all competitive exams. Topic name is list of famous inventions and their inventors. All the inventors of the world and list of  their invention are published in this post. You can download it as a pdf and and you can read it on the website. List of Inventors And Their Inventions is given below.


List Of Famous Inventions And Inventors

There are many things we have seen in our life for eg Television, Telephone, Mobile Phone, Washing Machine etc… But we don’nt know who is the person which is invented these items which are make easy our life. This is very proud of that Inventors which are invented that.

I am listing down all Invention and their inventor with some details means when they invented and in which country they belongs to. This is very important for all compitetive exams such as IBPS, SSC, CPO, Railways, Banking, UPSC, and other state and central level exams.

Inventions And Inventors List

1Adding MachinePascalFrance1642
2AeroplaneWright brothersUSA1903
3BalloonJacques and
Joseph  Montgolfier
4Ball –Point penC. BiroHungary1938
5BarometerE. TorricelliItaly1644
6BicycleK. MacmillanScotland1839
7Bicycle TyreJ.B. DunlopScotland1888
8Calculating MachinePascalFrance1642
9Centrigrade ScaleA.CelsiusFrance1742
10CinematographThomas Alva EdisonUSA1891
11ComputerCharles BabbageBritain1834
12Cine CameraFriese-GreeneBritain1889
13CinemaA.L. and J.L. LumiereFrance1895
14Clock (Machanical)Hsing and Ling –TsanChina1725
15Clock (Pendulum)C. HugyensNetherlands1657
16Diesel engineRudolf dieselGermany1892
17DynamiteAlfred NobelSweden1867
18DynamoMichael FaradayEngland1831
19Electric IronH.W. SeeleyUSA1882
20Electric lampThomas Alva EdisonUSA1879
21ElectromagnetW. sturgeonEngland1824
22Evolution (theory)Charles DarwinEngland1858
23Film (with sound)Dr. Lee de forestUSA1923
24Fountain PenLE. WatermanUSA1884
25Gas LightingWilliam MurdochScotland1794
26GramophoneT.A . EdisonUSA1878
27Jet EngineSir Frank whittleEngland1937
28LiftE.G. OtisUSA1852
29LocomotiveRichard TrevithickEngland1804
30Machine GunRichard GatlingUSA1861
31Match (Safety)J.E. LurdstromSweden1855
32MicrophoneDavid HughesUSA1878
33MicroscopeZ. JansenNetherlands1590
34Motor Car (Petrol)Karl –BenzGermany1885
35MotorcycleEdward ButlerEngland1884
36Neon -LumpG. ClaudeFrance1915
37NylonDr W.H. CarothersUSA1937
38Photography (Paper)W.H. Fox TablotEngland1835
39Printing PressJ. GutenbergGermany1455
40RaderDr A.H. Taylor and L.C.
41RadiumMarie and Pierre CurieFrance1898
42RadioG. MarconiEngland1901
43RayonAmerican viscose Co.USA1910
44Razor (Safety)K.G. GilletteUSA1895
45Razor (electric)Col. J. SchickUSA1931
46RefrigeratorJ . Harrison and A. CatlinBritain1834
47RevolverSamuel ColtUSA1835
48Rubber (Vulcanized)Charles Good yearUSA1841
49Rubber (Waterproof)Charles MacintoshScotland1819
50Safety LampSir HumphreyEngland1816
51Safety pinWilliam HurstUSA1849
52Sewing MachineB. ThimmonnierFrance1830
53ScooterG. BradshawEngland1919
54Ship ( Steam)J.C. PerierFrance1775
55Ship ( turbine)Sir Charles parsonsBritain1894
56Shorthand (Modem)Sir Issac PitmanBritain1837
57Spinning jennyJames HargreavesEngland1764
58Steam engine (Piston)Thomas NewcomeBritain1712
59Steam engine ( Condenser)James WattScotland1765
60Steel productionHenry BessemerEngland1855
61Stainless steelHarry BrearleyEngland1913
62TankSir Ernest SwingtonEngland1914
63Telegraph codeSamuel F.B. MorseUSA1837
64TelephoneAlexander Graham BellUSA1876
65TelescopeHans LippersheyNetherlands1608
66TelevisionJohn logie baredScotland1926
67TeryleneJ. Whinfield and H. DicksonEngland1941
68ThermoscopeGalileo GalileiItaly1593
69TractorJ. FroelichUSA1892
70TransistorBardeen, ShockleyUSA & UK1949
71TypewriterC. SholesUSA1868
72Valve of radioSir J.A. ‘flemingBritain1904
73WatchA.L.  BreguetFrance1791
74X-rayWilhelm RoentgenGermany1895
75Zip fastenerW.L. JudsonUSA1891

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