GPS Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of GPS

GPS Full Form is Global Positioning System. It is mainly used in making maps, surveying the land, commercial work, doing tasks like tracking etc. This technology was developed by the Defense Agency of United States America. This technology started completely from April 25, 1995. Initially this technology was used only for the army, but later it was also used for ordinary citizens.

How does GPS work?

It is a group of 32 satellites located at a distance of 26, 600 km from the earth’s surface. GPS Receiver tells the location based on the signals sent from these satellite. It uses four satellites for better calculation. This gives information about the Three Dimensional Position (Latitude, Longitude Line and Elevation) of the user.

GPS Parts

A GPS requires three parts to function properly – Space Segment, Control Segment and User Segment. If any part is missing then this system will not work.

(1) Space Segment – This is the part of the system where the satellite is located. All these satellites revolve around the Earth at a time of 12 hours and it has 6 orbits.

(2) Control Segment – This is the Ground Control Unit from where the satellite is monitor and maintained.

(3) User Segment – This is the part of this system where a user uses the satellite to find the user position and time.

Advantages of GPS

By the way, there can be many Advantages of GPS System. But here I am going to write some of its main Advantage like – Position Addressing, Anti – Theft System, Navigators, Tracking.

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