GNU Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of GNU

GNU Full Form is GNU’s Not Unix. GNU was launched by Richard Stallman in 1983, as an operating system. The primary and continuing goal of GNU is to offer a Unix-compatible system that would be 100% free software. The GNU packages have been designed to work together so we could have a functioning GNU system. 

Naturally, work on GNU is ongoing, with the goal to create a system that gives the greatest freedom to computer users. GNU packages include user-oriented applications, utilities, tools, libraries, even games—all the programs that an operating system can usefully offer to its users.

GNU General Public License

The GNU General Public License is often called the GNU GPL for short, it is used by most GNU programs, and by more than half of all free software packages. The latest version is version 3.

Advantages Of GNU

1Low Cost
3Multitasking and Compatibility
4Stable and secure
5Network friendliness
6Open source software packages

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