FTP Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of FTP

FTP Full Form is File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a standard network protocol used to transfer files between computers (a client and server) over a TCP/IP network. With the help of FTP, we share our data and it is also used a lot in offices. FTP was the first technology to share files in this way.

FTP History

(1) FTP has been in this world for four decades.

(2) The first FTP was introduced by Abhay Bhushan at MIT in 1971.

(3) Modern FTP was fired in 1980 by John Postal.

(4) In 1985, Joyce was fired by Reynolds.

(5) The first FTP applications were depended on DOS command prompt.

(6) Later, various graphical user interface (GUI) clients have been developed to allow user to upload and download file with ease.

Advantages Of FTP

(1) FTP is used to send files in daily business work.

(2) With the help of FTP, people working in the company can easily send files to another branch of the company.

(3) People use it to send company’s file securely because it is a very secure way of sending files.

(4) IT companies use it to send files at the time of disaster.

(5) The webmaster team works with FTP to send web pages, web application files and images etc. to the web server.

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