FIR Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of FIR

FIR Full Form is First Information Report. It is a information given to the police in relation to any criminal incident. It can be given both in written and oral form. Based on this, the police can start their proceedings and investigation. If a person writes an FIR, then the signature of that person is also taken and a copy of the FIR is also given to him. It is prepared by the police itself, which contains the complete details of the criminal case.

What is Zero FIR?

Wherever there is any incident, you have to write an FIR to inform about that incident, but the area in which the incident happened, cannot be written in the police station of any other area. Whereas any situation when FIR needs to be written to another police station. So for such circumstances, provision of Zero FIR has been made. Under which, to start the proceedings of any offense, you can get an FIR written in any police station and that FIR is later transferred to the police station of happening place.

Provisions of FIR

• Police never can start investigation before lodge the FIR. It is very important to write FIR first.

• Police cannot make any change in the FIR.

• If you are not able to get an FIR for any reason, then the police sends you a copy of the FIR through the post.

• It is necessary to have the signature of the police officer and the stamp of the police station on the FIR.

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