FIFA Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of FIFA

FIFA Full Form is Federation Internationale de Football Association” in French. In English, it is known as International Federation of Association Football. FIFA is a private association that organizes games like football, futsal and beach soccer internationally. International association FIFA was founded in 21 May 1904 (114 Years ago).

Its headquarter situated in the beautiful city of Switzerland named Zurich. Today the federation has a total of 211 members. The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has only one motto and is “For the Game, For the World “and because of this almost all of the international tournaments of footballs are organised by FIFA.

About Football

• In this game, the objective of any team is to score as many goals during the ninety-minute game.

• Each team consists of eleven players.

• During 90 minutes of play there is a break at 45 minutes, which is called half time. This half time is 15 minutes.

• Football is the most popular and most played sport in the whole world. According to FIFA football is a developed form of Suju, a Chinese sport. The game was developed during the Hyaan dynasty in China.

• In football, the goalkeeper is the only player allowed to stop the ball with his hand.

• More than 100 crore people watch the Football World Cup on TV.

• Football World Cup is held every four years.

• The most successful country in the Football World Cup is Brazil (5 times winner).

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