FCI Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of FCI

FCI Full Form is Food Corporation of India. FCI is one of India’s largest organizations that deals with purchase, sale and distribution of food grains across the country. It is a government-owned corporation. FCI is considered to be the largest supply chain management corporation in Asia which comes second in the world. Its 5 Zonal offices and 24 Regional offices. Each year, the Food Corporation of India purchases roughly 15 to 20% of India’s wheat output and 12 to 15% of its rice output.

FCI Organisational Structure


FCI Objectives

(1) To provide farmers remunerative prices.

(2) To make food grains available at reasonable prices, particularly to vulnerable section of the society.

(3) To maintain buffer stocks as measure of Food Security.

(4) To intervene in market for price stabilization.

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