FBI Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of FBI

FBI Full Form is Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI is a domestic crime investigation and internal intelligence agency of the United Nations. The main agenda of the FBI is to look after and maintain law and order in the United States by protecting civil rights from and against terrorist attacks, high technology crimes, and cyber crimes in the country.

The FBI also provides Investigative Expertise and Intelligence and Training to domestic and international agencies and partners. The FBI is fighting with corruption, international national criminal organization, white collar crime, violent crime, etc. 

FBI Headquarter housed in Washington, D.C. The FBI has more than 50 field offices located in major cities across the United States and in Puerto Rico. The FBI maintains several hundred Satellite Offices, Resident Agencies to facilitate the exchange of information with foreign agencies on matters related to international crime and criminals.

It was established in 1908 under the name of Bureau of Investigation but later in 1935 it was changed to Federal Bureau of Investigation. The director of the FBI is appointed by the US President and the appointment.

FBI Branches

  1. FBI National Security Branch
  2. FBI Science and Technology Branch
  3. FBI Intelligence Branch
  4. FBI Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch
  5. FBI Human Resources Branch
  6. FBI Information and Technology Branch

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