FAX Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of FAX

FAX Full Form is Far Away Zerox. The fax technology was invented by Alexander Bain in 1842. Fax is an invention in the world of communication through which you can send your documents to any person in any corner of the world by telephone machine. This machine is called a fax machine.

With this, your documents reach the front person in a very short time and the expenses are also very low. A fax machine is a medium that helps to send documents electronically. Sender and receiver both must have FAX machine.

How Fax Machine Works?

The fax machine is a great step forward in the world of technology. It is attached to telephone or computer etc. When we insert any of our documents, it is converted into electronic form. It is then transferred via Internet to the fax machine of the person to whom you want to send it, and then it comes out as a photocopy from another fax machine. This way your work gets done very quickly.

Benefits of Fax Machine

1. Fast: If you send any document or message through wire, it takes a lot of time and your document may be late in going but in the same time if you use fax machine Your document would reach within few seconds.

2. Save the Money: If you send any document through post then it will cost you more money but if you send the document through fax machine then it will cost you a lot less. Therefore it is also beneficial.

3. Safe: In today’s time, nothing is safer than technology, therefore we can say it is the safe mode.

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