EDGE Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of EDGE

EDGE Full Form is Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution. EDGE is an improved version of GSM that is compatible with older systems and provides higher data transmission rates than GSM. EDGE has successfully replaced GSM without disrupting the existing frequency reuse scheme. Technically EDGE provides speeds of 384kbps which is much higher than the data rates of GPRS. But the industry is labeled as 2.75G.

It is a data system used on GSM Network used to allow better Data Transmission rates. It can transmit three times more Bits than GPRR in the same period. EDGE is add-on to GPRR and it cannot work alone. It was deployed in the United States in 2003 by AT&T on GSM Networks.

EDGE Features

  1. It requires less radio resources to support the same traffic supported by GSM networks.
  2. EDGE can resubmit a packet with more robust coding, which means it is possible to re-partition.
  3. Packets in EDGE can be addressed up to 2048, whereas in GSM it ranges from 1 to 128.
  4. Similarly, the window size of 1024 in EDGE and the window size in GSM was 64.
  5. EDGE greatly reduces the number of explosions when an error occurs.
  6. EDGE allows multimedia file transfer, web browsing and video conferencing through wireless terminals.
  7. EDGE enables operators to triple subscribers’ data rates and provide additional capacity for their voice communications.

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