ECG Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of ECG

ECG full form is Electrocardiogram. ECG refers to a test that is done to check the electrical activity of the heart, the normal electrical activity indicates that the heart is functioning normally. This test is also called ECG or EKG. When a heart beats, the ECG records electrical impulses. These impulses are recorded on a paper or a screen. 

ECG can detect various types of problems related to your heart, such as: heart attack in the past, sudden increase in heartbeat, cause of chest pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. If you are facing difficulty, heart beating unevenly, etc., then it is very important to perform ECG for checking the health of the heart.

Types Of ECG

  1. Resting ECG
  2. Stress or Exercise ECG
  3. Ambulatory ECG

Types Of Waves In ECG

P Wave: It shows the electrical activity of the upper listening chambers.

QRS Complex:  It shows the electrical activity of the lower cardiac cells.

ST Segment: It appears as a straight line when the ventricle contracts without any electrical impulse.

T Wave: This is a slight upward wave that represents ventricular repolarization, ie when the lower cardiac cells are preparing for the next muscle contraction.

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