DVD Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of DVD

DVD Full Form is Digital Versatile Disc. It is also known as Digital Video Disc. This is a Digital Optical Disc Format. This is a Storage Device. In this, we can store the data in any format (like Files, Audio, Video, Software etc). The Operating System is also stored in DVD. It is similar in size to the CD (Compact Disc). But due to its storage capacity being more than the CD, you can store more data in it. A DVD player is required to play videos or audios in it. It cannot be played with CD Player.

Initially, VHS Tape was used to watch VHS Tape videos. But because of its big size and bad quality of the video it has been replaced by DVD. Therefore, the DVD was developed to replace the VHS Tape. The DVD is developed and invented by four companies (Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic). In 1997, DVD disassembled the CD through Entertainment and Data Storage and replaced it.

DVD Types

  1. DVD-ROM: You can only read the data in it, that is, you cannot make any changes to any type of data in it.
  2. DVD – R: In this, you can record the data only once. Once the data is recorded, the data cannot be deleted again.
  3. DVD – RW: In this, you can record and read the data. You can erase that data and you can re-record the new data.

DVD Capacity

  1. Single – sided, Single layer: Its Capacity is 4.7 GB.
  2. Single – sided, double layer: its Capacity is 8.5 GB to 8.7 GB.
  3. Double – sided, single layer: its Capacity is 9.4 GB.
  4. Double – sided, Double layer: Its Capacity is 17.8 GB.

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