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DP Full FormDisplay Picture
DP Full FormData Processing

Display Picture

DP full form is Display Picture, in simple language you can also call it Profile Picture. Friends DP word is about 35-40 years old. DP means an image that represents you on sites like whatsapp, facebook, twitter.

Today DP word is quite famous on WhatsApp and Facebook Account, instagram, twitter, tumblr, and many others social networking sites and many other sites.

Data Processing

Data processing is a technique, in which collected data is manipulated to get a meaningful result.

Steps of Data Processing

  1. Data collection – First of all, data is collected through a medium. When a data is collected by an institution or researcher, then such data is called primary data and when a person uses the same data again, it is called Secondary Data.
  2. Data Organized – In this step, the data is organized. Suppose you have collected data from one school but you want all the data related to all subjects (science class, art class, etc) then you will organize the data related to subjects.
  3. Data Combine – In this step the same data is combined together like all the students of science class in one place and art class in one place.
  4. Data sorting – Now the data which is collected is arranged in Ascending to Descending order or Descending to Ascending order as per the need.
  5. Data manipulation – In this step, an update or some modification to the data is done, assuming some data is duplicated and you have to delete it, then this process is done under data manipulation.
  6. Data Summarization – Now Summarization of this data is done. It contains the information of the whole data which is very easy to understand. It is a kind of final data and after the data Summarization you get the information.

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