DJ Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of DJ

DJ Full Form is Disk Jockey. The term DJ is used for someone who plays songs for the audience in a Party, Pub or Disco club. Most common types of DJs include radio DJ, club DJ, who performs at a nightclub and music festival. A Disk Jockey usually plays popular party songs and performs additional music or song mixes, sometimes replacing the Main Song completely with a new music. A Disk Jockey has complete control over the songs played in the party.

Types Of DJ

  1. Mobile DJs – DJs with their own portable audio sound systems who specialize in performing at gatherings such as block parties, street fairs, taverns, weddings, birthdays, school and corporate events.
  2. Producer DJs – DJs who create remixes of popular club hits, completely original tracks, or transition friendly versions of tracks.
  3. DJanes – A term is used for  female DJs in countries such as Germany.
  4. Bedroom DJs – A general term for DJs performing at home, usually recording their sets and posting them online.

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