DC Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of DC

DC Full FormDirect Current
DC Full FormData Compression
DC Full FormDeputy Commissioner
DC Full FormDistrict Collector
DC Full FormDivision Chief
DC Full FormDeclare Constant
DC Full FormDefine Constant
DC Full FormDoctor of Chiropractic
DC Full FormDiet Composition
DC Full FormData Coordinator
DC Full FormDeveloping Countries
DC Full FormDevelopment-Center
DC Full FormDifference of Convex functions
DC Full FormDirect Command
DC Full FormDelivery Coordinator

Direct Current

AC and DC are two types of current, which are used in different electrical appliances. The power line supply electricity in your house is AC current. When you charge the mobile with the charger, the AC current turns the charger into DC current.

Data Compression

Data Compression is a technique of reduce the size of data. In other words, you can say that after applying DC the data storage space is less than normal. For example – There is a photo having size 900 KB, when we will apply Data Compression, the size of the photo will remain 200 KB.

Deputy Commissioner

A deputy commissioner is a post of police, usually ranking below the Commissioner. The deputy commissioner or district magistrate is the executive head of a district. The district magistrates are entrusted with overall responsibility for law and order. District magistrate is also authorized to collect Land Revenue. In India officers of Indian Administrative Service cadre are appointed this office.

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