CNG Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of CNG

CNG Stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It is a gas produced by the compression method. It is used as fuel in vehicles or kitchen, it is also used as fuel in place of Gasoline (Petrol), Diesel Fuel and LPG (Propane) etc. It is more safe than other fuels as it is more light and rapidly diffuse in the air.

CNG is collected by Landfills and Wastewater Treatment Plants where it is also known as Bio Gas. CNG is made by Compressing Natural Gas (Methane CHa). CNG costs less to manufacture than other fuels. It is stored and distributed in a Hard Container of a Spherical or cylindrical shape at a pressure of 20 – 25 MPa.

Advantage Of CNG

  1. It is more affordable than other fuels.
  2. Because it is an environment friendly gas, it is not harmful for the environment.
  3. It is a gas and therefore the engine of the vehicle does not deteriorate quickly due to its use
  4. It gets separated from them at the time of manufacture of other Fules, hence its production costs a lot less.
  5. It can provide high Auto – Ignition Temperature up to 540 Degree Celsius or more.

Properties Of CNG

  1. It is a colorless gas due to which it is not visible to us.
  2. It is a Tasteless Gas i.e. it has no taste.
  3. It is an Odorless Gas, that is, there is no smell on its leak.
  4. It is 40% lighter than air. She tries to go upwind when there is a leak in the atmosphere.
  5. It is a Non-Toxic Gas. 

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