CFO Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of CFO

CFO Stands for Chief Financial Officer. The primary responsibility of a CFO is to manage the finances of a company. He or She responsible for all financial activity ( Such as – Finanical Planning, Record Mantain, Prepare Financial Report, etc) of a company. It is also responsible for any Financial Risk of the company.

Qualification For CFO

If you want to become a CFO, then it is important to be a Post Graducate first. You must have a Master Degree in Accounting, Finance or Business. You must also have 8 to 10 years of experience in Senior Post in a company. You should know all the current information related to Financial. You should also know about Financial Computer Application. You should have good verbal, analytical, organizational and written skills.

Responsibilities Of  CFO

  • Plan and execute the financial strategy of the company
  • Verifying the financial statements
  • Overseeing the capital structure and financial operations
  • Financial reporting to CEO
  • Planning financial and tax strategies
  • Reporting financial information to the board of directors
  • Managing accounting, legal, tax, investor relations and treasury departments
  • Analyze the financial strengths and weaknesses of company and suggest corrective actions accordingly.

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