CD Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of CD

CD Full Form is Compact Disc, it is a flat, round, optical storage medium that was invented by James Russell. The first CD was created in a Philips factory in Germany on August 17, 1982. Data is written on one side of the Compact Disc, while on the other side there is a label that reads what is in the disc.

Why is CD used in computer ?

As we have known earlier that compact discs are used to store data which can be retrieve or execute later. Software programs are also stored in CDs which are then loaded into the computer. They are used to save files on a backup or to transfer them to another system. Together they are also used to hold music.

How much data can a CD hold ?

A standard CD is capable of holding 72 minutes of music or 650 MB of data. At the same time, an 80 minute CD is capable of holding 700 MB of data.

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