BSF Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of BSF

BSF Full Form is Border Security Force.  BSF is a paramilitary force which comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The BSF conducts examinations for recruitment in various categories every year, some of which are conducted through UPSC and some SSC. In war time, the BSF’s job is to keep the danger zone under its control and to provide security to the war-torn strategy.

BSF was deployed in sentimental areas including rescue teams during the 1999 Kargil war. The BSF also runs the Dog Breeding and Training School nationally, also known as the National Training Center For Dogs.

History Of BSF

BSF is India’s premier paramilitary force. It is the world’s largest border guard force. It was established on 1 December 1965, whose responsibility is to monitor India’s international borders. It works to protect India’s borders and prevent international crime.

When was BSF formed – 1 December 1965
It was started with 25 battalions at the time of establishment of BSF but now BSF has 188 battalions guarding the 6385.36 Km long international border. BSF is responsible for the safety of all the people living in the border area of ​​the country.

Where is the headquarters of BSF – New Delhi
Apart from this, BSF people also have to stop those who try to cross and cross the border of India illegally. The border of India extends to sacred, difficult deserts, rivers, valleys and snow-capped regions.

Gazetted Officer In BSF

  • Additional Director General
  • Director General
  • Special Director General
  • Inspector General
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Commandant
  • Second-in-Command
  • Assistant Commandant
  • Deputy Commandant

Non Gazetted Officers In BSF

  • Subedar Major
  • Inspector
  • Sub Inspector
  • Assistant Sub Inspector
  • Head Constable
  • Constable

BSF Achievements

  • Every year, it contributes a number of BSF personnel for the UN Mission services.
  • BSF has emerged as an elite force of the country. It excelled with distinction in the 1971 war with Pakistan. Its ethos is “Any task, anytime, anywhere” and its motto is “Duty Unto Death”.
  • During Kargil War in May-July 1999, the BSF helped Army to defend the Kargil hills and won the war.
  • For the last two year, the BSF is taking care of the internal security in Manipur and successfully fighting the insurgency.
  • When the earthquake hit the Gujarat in 2001, the BSF personnel were the first to reach there to help the distressed people and save lives.
  • BSF personnel restored the peace and brotherhood among the people during communal disturbances in Gujrat.

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