BPL And APL Full Form

BPL Full FormBelow Poverty Line
BPL Full FormBritish Physical Laboratories Group
APL Full FormAbove Poverty Line

Below Poverty Line

The BPL is a benchmark created by the Government of India to determine the identity of an extremely poor family. Under which the government makes various schemes for the welfare of the people by identifying the people living below a certain criteria. BPL ration cards are made to provide them with essential items of home, food and other living at low rates.

The criteria for BPL determination vary from state to state. The state government determines the BPL line based on the economic, social and other conditions of the state. The Ujjwala scheme launched by the Modi government was designed for BPL card holders only. Under this scheme, a target of providing LPG connections to women holding a total of 5 crore BPL cards from 2016-17 to 2018-19. As of April 2017, 2 crore LPG connections have been given.

British Physical Laboratories Group

British Physical Laboratories, doing business as BPL Ltd., is an Indian electronics company. It makes health care equipment. It was founded in 1963 in Palakkad, Kerala, and is headquartered at Bangalore, Karnataka.

Above Poverty Line

APL card is a type of ration card which is given by the organization created by the state government. These cards are available to those who are above the nature line. Anyone can apply for this card, there is no income limit. In this, no matter how much your annual income is.

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