BBS Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of BBS

BBS Full Form – Hi Friends, Today we are going to talk about Full form of BBS. So first of all I wanna tell you BBS has many different meaning but here we are going to talk about most popular 5 meanings of BBS.

BBS Full Forms

  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Berg Balance Scale
  • Bulletin Board system
  • Behavior-based safety
  • Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Bachelor of Business Studies

It is a under graduation degree. This course is similar to BBA but its focus is majorly in practical exposure rather than a theoretical study. In this course, students are taught how to handle different conditions in the business field. By this course students are able to get Both practical and theoretical knowledge are provided. This is very popular under graduation degree in India, which is chosen by majority of people in India. This degree course is awarded by many universities in India. If I talk about duration of this degree then I must say time period of this course is similar to other degree, which is precise 3 years.

BBS Subjects And Syllabus

1International Business
2Information technology
3Human Resource Management
4Hospitality and Tourism Management
7Entrepreneurial Management
9Operations Management
10Agriculture Business management

BBS Eligibility

1It is must to have 50% marks in 12th.
2NTS-NAT test score with minimum 50% marks.

Behavior-based safety

It is a standard, which determines the overall safety of the workplace through safety observations. The goal of Behavior-based safety program is to improve the employee safety of the organization. In other world, BBS “focuses on what people do, analyzes why they do it, and then applies a research-supported intervention strategy to improve what people do”.

Berg Balance Scale

The Berg balance scale is used to determine a patient’s ability to safely balance during a series of predetermined tasks. There are list of 14 item with each item consisting of a five-point ordinal scale ranging from 0 to 4, with 0 indicating the lowest level of function and 4 the highest level of function and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. It does not include the assessment of gait.

Bulletin Board system

Bulletin Board System or BBS is a computer server running software that allows users to connect to the system using a terminal program. Once logged in, the user can perform functions such as uploading and downloading software and data, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users through public message boards and sometimes via direct chatting. In other words, A bulletin board system (BBS) is a computer or an application dedicated to the sharing or exchange of messages or other files on a network. Originally an electronic version of the type of bulletin board found on the wall in many kitchens and work places, the BBS was used to post simple messages between users.

Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Here BBS stands for Bhubaneswar Railway Station, which is located Master Canteen, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It comes under East Coast Railway zone. There are 6 platforms. Parking and WiFi facilities are also available, which is the best thing about this station. Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha, said the WiFi service will benefit 1.4 lakh visitors at Bhubaneswar station daily. Last but not the least, there are 264 trains halting at Bhubaneswar Railway Station.

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