BARC Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of BARC

BARC Full Form is Bhaba Atomic Research Center. BARC is a major nuclear research center in India. BARC is located in Trombay Mumbai. The main task of BARC is to find peaceful applications of nuclear energy, especially in the field of power generation and utilization. According to our information, Shri KN Vyas is the director of BARC till 2016.

BARC conducts research on spent fuel processing nuclear fuel processing and disposal of nuclear waste, agriculture, and medicine etc. BARC is also responsible for the smooth functioning of various nuclear reactors in the country.

History Of BARC

  1. Friends Homi Jahangir Bhaba was a Dreamer who envisioned India’s nuclear energy program. He started the program of research in nuclear science in India in March 1944 with the help of few scientists. Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhaba recognized the immense potential of nuclear energy and its potential for successful use in power generation and allied sectors. Dr. It was due to the thinking of Homi Jahangir Bhaba that we found the Bhaba Atomic Research Center.
  2. Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhaba started this work with the goal of achieving self-reliance in the field of nuclear science and engineering, and today’s Department of Atomic Energy which is a group of diverse science and engineering fields. The result of Bhaba’s vision.
  3. Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhaba started the Indian nuclear program in March 1944, recognizing the high potential of a viable alternative source for nuclear power generation.
  4. Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhaba established the Atomic Energy Establishment, Trombay (AEET), in January 1954 to augment nuclear programs and exploit nuclear power for the good of the nation. Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhaba also established various BARC training schools to cater to the manpower needs of nuclear power research and development programs.
  5. Dr. After the death of Homi Jahangir Bhaba in 1966, AEET was renamed as Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) on 22 January 1967. After this, the experts of BARC have continued nuclear research programs with the aim of making India independent in the field of electricity generation.

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