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ABM Full FormAnti-ballistic Missile
ABM Full FormActivity Based Management

Anti-ballistic Missile

There are many countries, including the US and Russia, which have achieved the capability of anti ballistic missile at this time. After achieving this capability, all these countries are capable of destroying the ballistic missile coming towards them.

A ballistic missile is a heavy missile capable of carrying nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional warheads. Due to this capability of ballistic missile, all countries are producing more and more such missiles. Due to this, making anti-ballistic missile in its resistance has also become mandatory. The anti ballistic missile is fired from the earth in the air in such a way that it collides directly with the incoming ballistic missile in the sky and destroys it 30 to 50 kilometers up in the sky so as to cause the least damage to the earth and the target Ballistic missiles have not been able to complete. Thus the anti ballistic missile avoids a major loss. After the US, Russia and Israel, India is the fourth country to have developed an anti-ballistic missile and became the third country in the world to use its domestic technology to develop it.

Activity-Based Management

It was first developed in the 1980. The main motive of ABM was to take the business at highest level. ABM is a system for determining the profitability of every aspect of a business so that its strengths can be enhanced and its weaknesses can either be improved or eliminated altogether.

ABM analyzes the costs of employees, equipment, facilities, distribution, overhead and other factors in business to determine and allocate activity costs.

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