Why are X-rays dangerous?

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X-rays are Electromagnetic Radiation (Electromagnetic Radiation) with a lot of energy, which is sometimes called X-radiation. X-rays are used in many ways including detection of broken bones, detection of diseases etc. They are also used for protection as they can easily detect hidden weapons.

Who discovered X-rays?

In 1895, the scientist who discovered the X-ray was Wilhelm Röntgen, who was from Germany. X-rays are also sometimes called rotagen radiations in their name. The first X-ray was his wife’s hand, including his wedding ring.

Why are X-rays dangerous?

Answer: X-rays emit electrons and when our tissue comes in contact with X-rays, these electrons can break the chains of our DNA, which can be a risk of cancer. So you should never get X-ray done on a small matter.

Interesting Facts about X-rays

1. X-rays were discovered accidentally from Wilham Rotzen. Actually, he was doing some experiments with vacuum tubes one day, then suddenly he felt strange types of radiation. It was later discovered that it was not ordinary waves.

2. Wilhelm Rotzen received the Nobel Prize in 1901 for his discovery of X-rays.

3. Wilham’s wife was not amused by her husband’s invention. After seeing the frightening image of his hand, he said, “I felt as if I had seen my death.”

4. With the help of X-rays, there was going to be a lot of benefit in the field of medicine, so Wilham Rotzen did not get it patented because he wanted that his invention should benefit everyone.

5. X-rays are written in English in many ways such as xray, X ray, X-ray, and x-ray. We are using X-ray (s) in this post.

6. In the early days of the discovery of X-rays, Rautzen used a zinc and lead box to take X-rays so that photographic plates lying in his laboratory would not deteriorate. In this way, he had also protected himself in a way. In the early times, he was not aware that being exposed to these radiations could lead to terrible diseases like cancer.

7. Wavelength (wavelength) of X-rays is less than ultraviolet radiation due to which they are more powerful. The wavelength of X-rays is less than the visible light.

8. Scientists who were not aware of the damage caused by X-rays had to face various problems such as burns, hair loss and cancer.

9. Clarence Dally was the first person who died of X-rays. He had worked for many years on Thomas Edison’s X-ray light bulb, which caused several cancerous wounds to his body and died in just 39 years.

10. When X rays pass through our body, some rays stop the outer and inner organs of our body while some rays pass through the middle. Because of this, pictures of our body’s interior are made on X-ray Graph.

11. CT scans, Fluoroscopy, Dental X-rays and Mommograms are also the methods of X-rays. Sonography, ultrasound and MRI are not methods of X-rays and are safe for your health.

12. Because X-rays are dangerous for human fetus, pregnant women are not x-rayed at all. By doing so, a child with disabilities may be born.

13. An estimated 0.4% of cancer cases in the US are due to CT scans.

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