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What is Raksha bandhan – Importance of Rakshabandhan

Why is Rakshabandhan celebrated?

Rakshabandhan means a bandhan for protection, ie the one on whose hand the Raksha Sutra (Rakhi) is tied, is committed to protect the Bandha binder. Rakshabandhan is a traditional festival which is celebrated by brothers and sisters together. Rakshabandhan is not only an important festival of Hindus, but also provides knowledge of the practice of Vishwas Sutra for a Vishwas Sutra in the whole country. If we talk about this festival, then this festival is made up of two words – Raksha and Bandhan i.e. Raksha Bandhan. According to the Sanskrit language, this word means a bond that provides protection and or protection to the binder. If taken in simple terms, Raksha Bandhan means Raksha Bandhan which provides Raksha i.e. a door which protects.

This festival later became known as Raksha Bandhan due to the practice of tying Raksha Sutras since ancient times. It is also an indicator of love and harmony of siblings. On this day, the sisters tie a thread to their brothers.

The festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Shravan. The beginning and circulation of the festival is very ancient. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety in our country, but people of other religions and classes have also started adopting this festival. This is because this festival is very important in terms of religion and relation. From the point of view of religion, where the tradition of Guru Shishya is supposed to propound their mutual religion with mutual rules and principles, in terms of relationship, this festival is festival to reveal the depths of brother-sister relationship.

History of celebrating Rakshabandhan festival

This festival also has greatness from a historical point of view. It is also related to the Mughal period of medieval India.

Story of Rani Karnavati and Humayun

According to a historical legend it is believed that this Rakshabandhan is related to Rani Karnavati and Humayun, the ruler of the Mughals. It is believed that around 1535, Rani Karnavati felt that her kingdom could not be saved from the invasion by Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, then she wrote a letter to Humayun and sent him a rakhi and asked for help as a sister. .

It is believed that Humayun, who was earlier an enemy of Chittor, forgot the enmity and came there to help Rani Karnavati. That is, according to this story also, Rakhi is considered as Raksha Sutra.

Story of Draupadi and Krishna

During the Mahabharata period, Draupadi considered Krishna her own brother. According to mythology, at the time of the slaughter of Shishupala, Lord Krishna ji’s index finger was cut, as a result of which Draupadi tied her wounds to the wounds of her sari. That day Krishna ji asked Draupadi to be indebted to himself and said that he would take this loan himself when the time comes.

It is believed that when Draupadi was tearing up, Krishna played a brother and protected him. This legend also holds an important place in the history of Rakshabandhan.

Story of Alexander and King East

According to a historical incident, it is believed that Alexander’s wife sent a rakhi to King Porus and asked him to promise to protect his suhaag. As a result of pledging, King Porus did not kill Alexander after seeing a rakhi tied on his wrist in the battlefield.

Such is the story of Mata Santoshi

It is believed that 2 sons of Lord Ganesha auspicious and benefited. Who had no sister. He stubbornly asked Lord Ganesha to earn a sister, in which Narada Muni also intervened. Lord Ganesha created Maa Santoshi after many petitions.

After this incident, the auspicious and benefic with mother Santoshi started to consider the festival of Rakshabandhan.

Story of Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu

It is believed that when Lord Vishnu was in his Vamana avatar, he was very pleased with the deeds of his charity Dharma from Bali, the king of the Asuras. He asked King Bali to ask for a boon. King Bali asked Vishnu a boon to leave his Kshira Sea and settle in Hatal. With this Vishnu went to Patalalok.

After knowing this whole story, Goddess Lakshmi became very worried and she took the form of a poor woman, tied Rakhi to King Bali and asked for the promise to take Vishnu back from Pataloka. Rakshabandh starts from this day.

When is Rakshabandhan formed

is. The festival of Rakshabandhan is also called Shravani because of celebrating the full moon of the month of Shravan. In ancient times, it was also named Rishi Tarpan due to Yajna for Swayadhyay and performing Tarapan Karma for sage sages.

Importance of Rakshabandhan

If viewed from a relationship point of view, it has a unique significance. This festival is a great festival to reveal the depth of relationship between brother and sister. On this day the sister binds her Rakhi (Raksha-sutra), wishing Mars for her brother. The brother vows to protect her from every situation. Thus Raksha-Bandhan is a festival of pure affection of brother and sister.

Rakshabandhan is not just limited to siblings vaccines. This day is celebrated as a separate day in the maritime regions of India. The day of Rakshabandhan is also called Coconut Purnima and the worship of Indra, the God of Rain, and Varuna, the God of Samudar, is done. In this puja, coconut is offered to the deities and the peace and prosperity of all is wished.

What to do on the day of Rakshabandhan

  1. On the day of Rakshabandhan, first of all, get up and take bath before sunrise and put on clean clothes.
  2. After this, worship your favorite God and at the same time worship Rakhi as well.
  3. After worshiping Rakhi, you should wear a Rakhi to any of your Gods.
  4. Now take the blessings of all elders and fathers.
  5. Now sit down to tie / tie a rakhi with your brother / sister as per the constellation.
  6. First of all, apply tilak to your brother, for tilak, you should use roli, kumkum and turmeric
  7. Can be used with rice and dahi.
  8. Now take off the aarti of the brother and tie a rakhi on his right wrist.
  9. After tying the rakhi, you sweeten the brother by feeding him sweet etc.
  10. Finally, the brothers touch their sisters’ feet and take their blessings.

What not to do on the day of Rakshabandhan

  1. Do not tell any lie to your brother / sister on this day.
  2. Do not consume meat in any way.
  3. Rakhi should be tied and tied only after bathing.

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