Types Of Programming Languages Or Computer Languages

Types Of Programming Languages – Types of computer languages can be divided into three categories such as (A) Machine Language, (B) Assembly Language and (C) High-Level Language.

Types Of Programming Languages

(A) Machine Language – Machine language is the language directly understood by a computer. In other words this is the binary language (the language of 0’s and 1’s). Any information or instruction in this language is to be represented in terms of 0’s and 1’s. Writing of programs in machine language is very difficult & complicated task which can be accomplished by the experts.

(B) Assembly Language – In assembly language symbolic names are used instead of binary numbers. This reduces coding time and the amount of information the programmer has to remember.

It is also known as symbolic language because this language employ symbols (known as mnemonics) for both arithmetical & logical operations etc. Instead of using machine code operation numbers, the programmer is able to use easily learnt and understand operation,mnemonics (for example ADD, SUB, MULT, DIV etc.) & symbolic operands (names allocated by the programmer & used to refer to particular data areas in the programs e.g. A,B,C etc) replace numeric operands.

Computer can understand the machine language only & no other language. So we have change assembly language programs into machine language programs. The translation process is carried out by the computer itself by means of software called assembler. The program written in the assembly language is known as the source program, whereas the translated program (in the Machine Language) is termed as object program.

(C) High Level Languages – In the H.L.L., symbols & words are similar to those of ordinary arithmetic and English. So it is English like language. It is independent of computer on which the program is to be used. Since these languages employ plain English &Mathematical expressions it is easy to learn &write. An instruction in these languages is usually called a statement. H.L.L. are also known as Compiler languages or procedural languages They are called procedural as they are designed for solving general problems. For example, FORTRAN, COBOL, Pascal, C etc are H.L.L’s.

 To work on a computer, we have to change the H.L.L program (Source program) into. M.L. program (object program). The translation is carried out by the computer itself using one or the other of two translating programs known respectively as compiler and interpreter.

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