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Physical Geography PDF By Savindra Singh

Physical Geography PDF By Savindra Singh – Dear Friends Welcome back to,  Today I am going to share ‘Physical Geography by Savindra Singh’s pdf with you. This note is prepared by ‘Savindra Singh’ who has tried to explain all the important and examining facts of Physical Geography in very brief. This Notes is useful for preparing questions related to Political Notes in all Competitive Exams. Download Button is given below, from which you can download pdf of this Notes.

Physical Geography PDF Contents

1 Origin of the earth
2 Structure of the Earth
3 Rotation of the Earth
4 Revolution of the Earth
5 Seasons
6 Latitude and Longitude
7 Classification of Rocks
8 Time and International Date-line
9 Mountains
10 Plateau
11 Plains
12 Volcanism
13 Seismic waves
14 Earthquakes
15 Volcanic Landforms
16 Branches of geography
17 Weathering
18 Soil erosion
19 Continental Drift
20 Plate tectonics
21 River
22 Underground water and Landforms
23 Wind and Sea wave Landforms.
24 Glaciers and Landforms.
25 Ocean basins and Sub-marine Relief.
26 Ocean Salinity.
27 Ocean Temperature.

Physical Geography PDF Details

NameGeography PDF By Savindra Singh
Size12 MB
LanguageEnglish And Hindi

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