P 650 Tablet : Uses, Side Effects, Price

P 650 Tablet is used to cure pain and fever. P 650 Tablet is used to reduce pain, fever and inflammation. It is used to treat various conditions such as headache, migraine, muscle pain, pain during pregnancy, toothache and joint pain.

' P 650 Tablet  ' ' P 650 Tablet  '

Composition of P 650 Tablet

This tablet is a NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) class drug, made from a mixture of p-nitro, p-amino and para-nitrotoluene. The starting material for the commercial manufacture of paracetamol is phenol, which is nitrated to give a mixture of ortho and para-nitrotoluene. The O-isomer is removed by steam distillation, and the p-nitro group is reduced to the p-amino group. It is then acetylated to give paracetamol.

Uses of P 650 Tablet

It is commonly used for the treatment of following diseases.

  • testicular swelling
  • In Headache
  • in fever
  • In muscle aches
  • In Teeth pain
  • in pain during menstruation
  • In Arthritis
  • In back pain
  • In Joint pain
  • in reducing inflammation
  • Pain due to common cold or flu

Apart from this disease, it cures many other diseases such as – sciatica, slip disc, osteoarthritis, chikungunya, breast pain in pregnancy etc.

Precautions while Taking P 650 Tablet

  • After use, you can take it again after 4 or 6 hours, do not use before that!
  • Do not take medicine like antacid within 2 hours of taking it!
  • Its effect on pregnant women is safe and the effect of this medicine is safe on lactating women. The warning associated with this tablet, how it affects the liver, heart and kidneys! Please use it only on the advice of a doctor!
  • Due to excessive consumption of this, sometimes bleeding in the stomach or intestines also starts, which can be fatal, please use it with caution!
  • If a person has heart disease, liver or kidney disease, drug or alcohol addiction, do not use this tablet or consult your doctor before using it!
  • If you are already using any other medicines. So do consult your doctor!
  • Do not consume alcohol at all while taking this tablet, it increases the risk of side effects.

How P 650 Tablet works

P 650 Tablet – primarily affects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) by blocking chemical messengers, reducing the intensity of pain and fever. Prostaglandins which increase body temperature and fever are also inhibited by prostaglandins.

Side effects of P 650 Tablet

Most common side effects of this are:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Sometimes vomiting starts happening.
  • Upset Stomach
  • heartburn
  • having diarrhea
  • stomach bleeding
  • to be constipated
  • Heartburn
  • sweating etc.

How to Maintain P 650 Tablet

  • Never freeze this medicine!
  • Always store this medicine at room temperature (25°C).
  • Keep away from wind and moisture!
  • Keep it away from the rays of the sun!

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