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Feasibility Report – Meaning and Feasibility Report Format

The success of a project largely depends upon the quality and content of the feasibility report. Before starting a project, it is mandatory for entrepreneurs to prepare the feasibility report. The details and information collected from feasibility studies and presented in the form of various tables , reports and statements are consolidated into one master report called feasibility report. The report also contains some background information about the industry to which the proposed project belongs . The main purpose of preparing feasibility report is to provide information that is required for the project appraisal. In case of public sector projects,

this report would also enable the concerned authorities to take objective decision on the project . In addition, this report would enable the financing agencies to evaluate purposefully the project before extending financial assistance . A feasibility report is not very much different from a project report . The difference is only in respect of detail and degree of accuracy . A project report is generally prepared from a feasibility report with additional information .

Feasibility Report Format

' Feasibility Report Format '  ' format of Feasibility Report '

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