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ETOOSINDIA Complete Physical & Inorganic Chemistry Book by JH Sir


' etoosindia ' ' Physical & Inorganic Chemistry ' ' JH Sir '

ETOOSINDIA is a trusted brand in online education in India. We AIMS to provide quality education to JEE & NEET Exam aspirants. With our exclusive designed HD quality Video lectures you can study from Kota’s best faculties for JEE & NEET exam preparation at your Home only .

Faculty Introduction

Jitendra Hirwani (J.H.Sir), a B.Tech in Mining Engineering from IIT Kharagpur (IIT-KGP) in 2001, has been a Chemistry mentor for AIPMT/ NEET / JEE Chemistry since 18 years. In this long journey of his career, he had been associated with several premier institutes such as Bansal Classes-Kota, Resonance-Kota, Career Point, Gupta Tutorial etc. You can buy this course from amazon. The link is given below for checkout.

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Course features

1.The Course contain 452 Videos. Course Validity: 1 Year

2. Lecture videos are enriched with basics and advanced concepts.

3.Learn Subject at your pace & timing with quality content.

4.Discussion of every chapter in form of DPPs (1333 Solved Problems) is provided in support to these video lectures.

5. Problem Solving teachiques is provided in form of Basic Exercise, Analytical Exercise, Assertion Reason Exercise and Previous Years Exercise of every Chapter.

6.Topics Covered: 1. Mole Concept 2. Periodic Table and Periodicity 3. Atomic Structure 4. Chemical bonding 5. Gaseous State 6. Chemical Equilibrium 7. Thermodynamics 8. Hydrogen and its compounds 9. Thermochemistry 10. S-Block 11. Ionic Equilibrium 12. Carbon and Boron Family 13. Redox Reaction 14. p Block , Nitrogen,Oxygen,Halogen & Nobel Gas Family 15. Solid State 16. Liquid Solution 17. d & f block element 18. Coordination Compounds 19. Chemical Kinetics 20. Electrochemistry 21. Metallurgy 22. Surface Chemistry

What is problem solving course?? 

In complete course with problem solving technique apart from theory & numericals previous year papers questions and additional questions are discussed extensively to give complete grasp over the questions in exam.

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