Difference Between System Software And Application Software

Difference Between System Software And Application Software – Before making clear Difference Between System Software And Application Software, we will understand the meaning of both System Software And Application Software.

System Software

The system software is collection of programs designed to operate, control and extend the processing capabilities of the computer itself. System software are generally prepared by computer manufacturers.

System software comprises programs written in low-level languages, which interact with the hardware at a very basic level. System software is the basic necessity of a computer system for its proper functioning. System software serves as the interface between hardware and the end users. System software not only controls the hardware but also provides a platform for other programs to run onto them. Some examples of system software are Operating System, Compilers, Interpreter, Assemblers, Utility programs etc.

Application software

Application software  are the software that are designed to satisfy a particular need of a particular environment. All software prepared by us in the computer lab can come under the category of Application software. Examples of Application software are payroll software, student record software inventory control software, Railway reservation software, Income tax software, Word processors, Spreadsheets, DBASE etc. Application software may consist of a program, such as a Microsoft’s notepad for writing and editing simple text. It may also consist of a collection of programs, often called a software package, which work together to accomplish a task, such as a spreadsheet package.

Difference Between System Software And Application Software

S.NO.System SoftwareApplication Software
1System OrientedUser Oriented
2Fast in speedSlow in speed
3Less interactiveMore interactive
4Difficult to understoodEasy to understand
5Difficult to manipulateEasy to mainpulate
6Written in low Level Language (LLL) alsoWritten in High Level Language (HLL)
7Difficult to DesignIt is easy to design
8Smaller in sizeBigger in size
9Example are Operating System, Compiler, Assembler etc.Example are Payroll system, Library system, Railway reservation system etc.

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